Sunday, February 28, 2010

Boring Black

ChinnyPea says:

"Oh, Lee Lin! Stark solid black again? Boo.

Love the purple frames and the new haircut, though."

ChinnyEm says:

"Why am I so attracted to this black silky shirt right now? Why? Why? Why? ChinnyPea is bored to tears and usually I would be too. But I'm not. Can't explain it. Thanks Lee Lin, I think black is slowly growing on me?!"

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras!

ChinnyPea says:

"I was hoping you'd wear something rainbow-coloured for the occasion but you brought the grey biker vest back! A subtle reference to the bikers in the Mardi Gras Parade?

Doesn't matter. I loved the vest the first time and is still loving it now."

ChinnyEm says:

"LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS VEST FOREVER! I loved it so much the first time round, I'm glad it's made a second appearance- this time zipped up a little higher and with a stiffer shirt.
Oh and I just realised you've buttoned up the vest in a funny way and created that teensy bit of draping too! Man, is there anything in your wardrobe that can't be pinned/buttoned/zipped up a billion different ways? You are cooler than cool."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

White On White

Images from Designer People on SBS

ChinnyPea says:

"Oh, Lee Lin, I love love love this outfit!

I love white as much as I hate black. The ruffles on your blouse, the body harness again, the pants cropped to my favourite length, the red shoes which you replaced with pointy white ones later in the episode. Woo!"

ChinnyEm says:

"Oh look at you, cutey, in white, peach and ruffles! Simply adorable. Of course I'm the one who likes it when you go 'ape shit' on outfits so sadly my enthusiasm for this outfit does not match ChinnyPeas. You still look lovely though."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello, Velvet Vest!

ChinnyPea says:

"The same one that you wore back in November?

I can't tell because you're so good at giving things a different look each time you wear them. A flip of the collar here and a twist of the neckline there and it's like you're wearing something new.

Anyway, ChinnyEm and I are such diehard fangirls! We texted each other when you came on this evening to squeal over the stripes and velvet combo. Woo!"

ChinnyEm says:

"Gargh! VELVET!!!!! So soft! So touchable!
I'm completely in LOVE with velvet right now- this outfit couldn't have been better! Did you see Alexander Wang's Fall 2010 collection? Featured quite a lot of lovely velvet and corporate stripes. Like last time, the velvet looks better on TV than on screenshots. Pooey."

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Battle Of The Shirts

ChinnyEm says:
"Chinny, you nearly gave Tiger a heart attack! Look at his face; he's so completely speechless about your blazer and shirt combination. Obviously you guys were thinking along the same sartorial planes that night...but sadly I just don't think Tiger was ready for the heartache (that was bound to ensue) when he saw how much more lovely your outfit was compared to his. Aww, there there Tiger. You shouldn't ever aspire to outdress Chinny. You know it's an impossible task."

ChinnyPea says:
"ChinnyEm is such a funny girl, isn't she?!

Is that creamy nudie ruched number part of your shirt? Or is it an add-on like a vest?

Whichever, I think it breaks the monotony of the black and white combo with so much texture. Love! Again!"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Optical Illusion

Images from Designer People on SBS

Chinny Em says:
"Oh Lee Lin, you are an optical illusion to be reckoned with! Your suit is divine! You must have been feeling quite 'patterny' that day, with the striped shirt too. And dear god, the tassles! Pinstripe shirt with tassles and ballerina esque scultural skirt - OMG OMG OMG. I have suddenly become inarticulate. ..L-O-V-E-I-T."

ChinnyPea says:
"I always covet what you wear but this tassle-y stripey shirt and the bouncy modern-day can-can skirt top the list! I want to look like a pirate-ballerina too!

And that suit with the giant houndstooth checks! I love it even though it's in black and white. You sure look good in it and in that Eames chair!

Oh, and those pointy be-ribboned red shoes you wore throughout this episode in Korea. You sure know how to pack! They go so well with both your outfits!"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gong Hey Fatt Choy!

ChinnyPea says:

"Happy Chinese New Year to you, Lee Lin!

You've gone the traditional auspicious red-for-luck route!

I was hoping you'd usher in the Year of the Tiger in some animal prints. *roar roar* Haha!"

ChinnyEm says:

"What were the chances of seeing you in this, styled in a tasteful manner of course(now that would make us ROAR). Just kidding, and yes, I realise it's a lion, not a tiger... Moving on.

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Glad you're being all traditional with the red! And I love that your collar is kinda lopsided and lodged on the lapel of your blazer. The angle it made made me tilt my head to the side to make sense of it. HEHE. "

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Puffy Pyjamas Are Back!

ChinnyPea says:

"My love for this glossy grey number remains unchanged. It's one jacket that I'd love to see on you over and over again!"

ChinnyEm says:
"Really? If we're talking repeat outfits, I'd actually prefer the spirit level jacket, which I know is boring black but obviously a bit of tulle works wonders."

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"If You Haven't Got The Zing, You Haven't Got A Thing"

Images from Designer People on SBS

ChinnyPea says:
"Ed Fella, the featured designer on this week's episode, was right about the "zing" thing. And you definitely have it, Lee Lin!

Three different outfits within the first few seconds of the programme! Woo! From that asymmetrical rara skirt (I was wondering when we're going to see you wear some neon brights and whoopeedoo, you did!) to...

...this white jacket that we love so much to...

...the floral+bondage combo from a few weeks ago!

More gratuitious screen-grabs of the club-kid outfit that we're seeing for the first time today.

You wouldn't look out of place hanging out with the rave kids in the 90s wearing what you're wearing.

Intrigued by those shoes! Can't make out what they are from a shot so wide but theylook like a cross between fluffy bedroom slippers and Dutch wooden clogs!"

ChinnyEm says:
"R for RAD. G for Grrrrreat!
Outfit overload in this ep is crazy and awesome, just like that neon skirt you have on! Never have I respected neon so much in my life!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grey + Brights = YAY!

ChinnyPea says:

"You are good, Lee Lin! You are! The grey jacket is the same one that you wore here, isn't it? But with a flip of the lapels, you made it look like it's a different one. Cheeky.

I love the bursts of citrus bright, in the blouse and earrings. Do you always buy earrings to match your clothes?

How about some pops of neon with grey next time?"

ChinnyEm says:

"Hehe the wonderful transforming jacket! Not loving how the jacket makes your shoulders look though...a little too poofy. Ah but how I adore the silky burst of yellow! Like the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. Will we see any brightly coloured glasses on you soon? To match your outfit of course!"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Auspicious Red?

ChinnyPea says:

"Tee hee hee, Lee Lin! Are you wearing red to usher in the Year of the Tiger?

Love the shirt! Especially the blanket stitches around the collar. The blanket stitch is my favourite one in embroidery. And the matching earrings.

Not sure about the vest, though. You know how I feel about black things plus the boyfriend said it made you look like a croupier at a casino. I'm sorry but I had to agree with him."

ChinnyEm says:

"What are you going to wear on Chinese New Year hm? Something special and festive?! I love this vest! But not so much when you wear it with red :( The 'croupier' thing didn't even cross my mind until ChinnyPea pointed it out. And she has a point..."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

That Elusive Grey Dress

Images from Designer People on SBS

ChinnyPea says:
"The crispy white piece that we loved from two weeks ago! Yay!

I know it's not your fault for wearing the same thing so soon. It's most probably because the segments for the two episodes were shot on the same day? At locations that were close to each other? Production logistics?

Happy that we got to see the outfit again because I missed that gigantic ring on your finger the last time. Woo!

And we get to see that foldy-drapey grey dress that you wore in that fashion-filled episode! At close range! Excitement!

I said in that post that "I'll fall over and die if I ever get to see that dress in a tighter shot".

OK, its beauty did make me keel over and stop breathing for a few minutes but I willed myself back to life for there is sooo much of you and your wardrobe that I'd love to see."

ChinnyEm says:
"I missed the start of the episode so I only caught the lovely grey dress you had on. I'm not complaining! You're only in the shots for around...20 seconds at most so I'm thankful we get to see this dress again! Dear Cameraman: next time, please zoom in on those twists and details!"