Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do We See A Pattern Emerging?

Image from SBS

ChinnyPea says:
"Pattern #1 - Matching lipstick colour to wardrobe-of-the-day: You've been doing quite a bit of that lately. Having a little colour-fun, are we? Tee hee hee. Please keep it up! It makes it more fun for us too!

Pattern #2 - A sleeveless number over a sheer long-sleeved top: I'm wondering if it's your on-air Summer look. You know, lighter and breezier than the jacket-over-blouse combo? Yet still says, "This is a serious newscast and I'm not about to appear on air flashing my arms in flirty sleeveless numbers". Not that we have a problem with you showing some skin! But we understand that you have to dress right for the occasion.

Loving today's royal purple velvety number with the gold buttons. Are you making up for the fact that we couldn't properly screen-grab the one that you wore on Saturday 24 October? Or have you got the tech guys at SBS to fix the colour registration on the SBS website? Thank you!!!"

ChinnyEm says:

"Ah yes, ChinnyPea is right. The sheer-ish blouses and dramatic vests/jackets are the perfect choice for summer.
Today's vest is looking damn luxurious. Material must be one of high stroke-a-bility.

OOH and your sleeves match your hair! The perfect thunderstorm that is your hair. When I say thunderstorm, I don't mean messed up or anything, I mean the colour is like the mysterious dark clouds in a storm."

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