Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Fashion-Filled Episode Of "Designer People"

ChinnyPea says:
"Happy New Year, Lee Lin! From me and ChinnyEm who's still away on her China adventure.

I missed not having you reading the news over the New Year weekend but your multi-wardrobe changes on this Thursday's episode of Designer People more than made up for that. But of course you had to do that because it's an episode about fashion - the wonderful creations of Chinese designer Qiu Hao.

Starting with this show-stopper show-opener!

A black body-con number with the amazing flexible sculptural panel running down the front. I will forgive you again for wearing black.

Then we cut to you on a sheep farm wearing this gorgeous gorgeous coat.

Military Man meets Victorian Miss. Love it! The colour, the silhouette, the details, everything! Is it a piece by Dame Westwood?

And there's you again walking in a mall in that beautiful grey dress. Despite the wide shot, I can still make out the folds and drapes! I think I'll just fall over and die if I ever see the dress in a tighter shot!

Back on the farm again. This time with Qiu Hao. Isn't he just so talented? I'm in love with his work. And he seemed such a lovely person too. You lucky thing, Lee Lin! You got to meet him and talked shop! Very very envious.

And another amazing coat! Can't really see the details but the silhouette is enough to make me swoon!

Keep them coming, please! We're looking forward to seeing more of you and your stunning wardrobe in 2010! xx"

ChinnyEm says: "oh I can't believe I missed out on all this brilliance while I was away!!! This episode alone would have rendered me speechless. I mean, how many show stopping outfits do you want to pull on ChinnyPea in one episode?! I don't even know what to say now...maybe that I never thought you'd be game enough for body con. Oh how wrong I was to think that. SO AMAZING SO AMAZING SO AMAZING"


  1. I found this blog while I was watching this episode and thinking; 'my God, I think this woman is the best dressed person on tv, surely someone else thinks so too...' That green coat (which must have some sort of hoop; so brilliant) brings me so much joy. Anyways, I love you for keeping track of her splendour, keep up the good work!


    Our first ever comment! Thank you for stopping by AND saying "hello", Periwinkles Girl!

    We will continue "stalking" Lee Lin for your pleasure and ours.


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