Sunday, May 30, 2010

Roaring Reds

ChinnyPea says:
"Not totally into the cut of the blouse - too loose on you, Lee Lin! We want to see you do "structure" more!

But the shades of red used on it...woo! Again the screen-grab is crap - when I watched you on the news this evening, the varying red tones under the studio lights made the blouse looked multi-textural too!"

ChinnyEm says:"Liking the horse riding attire lately Lee Lin. Except it seems this time it's not a dressage shirt and tie but a jockey's silks! Do you happen to have a black gun holster/harness thing like in this post? It would top off this shirt nicely and add that shape that ChinnyPea and I harp on about quite a bit."

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Harnessing It!

ChinnyPea says:
"Tee hee hee! I was wondering when you're going to wear that amazing curvilinear piece again and here it is! Wrapped around you exactly four months after you first showed it off. With the same mustard jacket. Woo!"

ChinnyEm says:
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AMAZINGNESS. I can't get enough of this Colonel Sanders/Fifth element outfit. Matching earrings today too!!! How bout some mustard lipstick to complete the look. Haha, just kidding. Unless you want to wear mustard lipstick(because I wasn't really kidding).

Sunday, May 16, 2010


ChinnyPea says:
"I can't be sure but is the pink thing that you're wearing this jacket? Turned inside-out and worn back-to-front?

If it is, WOO!!!!! Very very clever.

If it's not, it's still a very well-constructed piece. Love those exposed seams."

ChinnyEm says: OH MY! ChinnyPea has to be correct!!! It MUST be that jacket I went gaga for a while back. Lee Lin you creative cat, making the most of every item. On a different note, it looks rather like a wetsuit in this picture. OH THE VERSATILITY!"

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's All In The Cut

ChinnyPea says:
"Four Saturdays-in-a-row of twisty ruffle-y bits around your neck, Lee Lin!

I'd like to think that it's your way of telling us that you're reading this little blog...after we said that we like this Saturday wardrobe theme (if there's really one!) last week.

We haven't seen black on you for quite some time now and I was a happy girl! I'll let this one go because the excellent cut of the jacket saved the day! You look like you're going to do a spot of horse-riding. Are you wearing jodhpurs under that news desk?"

ChinnyEm says: "Chinny you look exactly like a dressage competitor!!! All you're missing is the top hat! Teehee!"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Vest Is Back!

ChinnyPea says:

"Love love love this look! It's something that I would wear - crispy white shirt, a grey vest and a burst of colour. Simple with good clean lines made slightly quirky with that wonky stripey neck-knot! A cross between a schoolboy, a dandy and a bookmaker. Haha!"

ChinnyEm says: "OH MY GOSH YOU LOOK SOOOOO CUTE! A mix between a school boy and an air hostess, I'd say; to quote Hannah Montanna: "the best of both worlds". This look is seemingly so simple but dead on effective and the wonky necktie is my FAVOURITE bit! How did you tie it like that? You are one skilled lady."

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tumbling Waterfall

ChinnyPea says:

"Are Saturdays now Ruffles Days? Tee hee hee. This is the third one in a row!

Your outfit today is kind of poetic. Haha. The cascading ruffles on your blouse evoke a sense of movement similar to that of a huge body of water like a waterfall or the sea. And the broderie anglaise on your blazer (one of our favourites!) are like the white foam that forms when the water meets something solid in its path, like the rocks in the river or the shoreline."

ChinnyEm says:

"I'm positive you've done this combination before! I remember that waterfall cascading....Well it's still just as lovely today.
Oh and on another note, will you be accepting my 'wear giant necklaces' challenge?"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Them Rings!

ChinnyPea says:

"Yay! Are we playing "Spot-The-Repeat-Outfit" today? Tee hee hee. It's been a while but we know exactly when you last wore this combo. Sunday 10 Janauary 2010.

And you've added two mad mad giant rings today! It's a shame that the screen grab is so crap. I remember ChinnyEm wishing, in a few posts ago, that you would find some excuses to wave your fingers around so we can all admire what you have on them!"

ChinnyEm says:

"Seriously, you should just do the occasional brush hair out of face thing. The ring deserves to be flaunted in such manners. You know, if the rings aren't getting all the attention they deserve, how bout wearing a stand-out necklace some time Chinny? I can see one of Estelle Deve's creations paired with a slightly translucent shirt of yours!"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Accordian Collar

ChinnyPea says:

"Have you decided to make Saturdays your Blast-From-The-Past Day?!

Again, this outfit with the drama-mama pleated collar, like last Saturday's, is Lee Lin circa 2004. With a 2010 twist of grey (it is so your colour!) sharp shoulders.

What can I say but that I love it! Looking forward to next Saturday, if indeed there's a theme going."

ChinnyEm says:

"Hey, your outfit kind of matches that of the workers cleaning up the oil spill...

So ChinnyPea tells me the ruffle collars are you circa 2004? I sadly didn't even know you existed back then so this is the first time round I'm seeing you in these sorts of necklines! Love love love!"