Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello, Velvet Vest!

ChinnyPea says:

"The same one that you wore back in November?

I can't tell because you're so good at giving things a different look each time you wear them. A flip of the collar here and a twist of the neckline there and it's like you're wearing something new.

Anyway, ChinnyEm and I are such diehard fangirls! We texted each other when you came on this evening to squeal over the stripes and velvet combo. Woo!"

ChinnyEm says:

"Gargh! VELVET!!!!! So soft! So touchable!
I'm completely in LOVE with velvet right now- this outfit couldn't have been better! Did you see Alexander Wang's Fall 2010 collection? Featured quite a lot of lovely velvet and corporate stripes. Like last time, the velvet looks better on TV than on screenshots. Pooey."


  1. I have to be honest...I have a bit of a velvet phobia - the texture freaks me out. I remember loving it like everyone else when I was younger, but these days just the thought of running my hand over a strip of velvet makes me cringe and gag (and it's the same with peach skin, weirdly enough).
    Well that's my weird two cents. Haha.
    p.s. yes there is a bit of a resemblance between Brigitte and Lara, isn't there? Despite this, they decided to use Laetita Casta as Brigitte in the movie 'Gainsbourg'. Though I suppose Casta is actually french, which helps lol.

  2. Romany- Hello Romany. I agree about peach fuzz. That never fails to give me the shivers. I used to feel the same way about velvet actually, but I touched some amazing quality velvet the other day and I didn't get the shivers at all. And I'm sure Lee Lin's vest is of the highest utmost quality which= very very very stroke-able!


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