Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flower Bomb

ChinnyPea says:
"Black again?! Boo.

Didn't matter though. Couldn't take my eyes off that bit of blue tulle explosion on your arm! Love it when you add crazy details! And the earrings in a matching shade! 100 points!"

ChinnyEm says:"Hey it's the spirit level jacket again, but this time it's back with a bit of tulle on the side! OMGOSH readers may not be able to see the earrings in this picture but they were amazing! The exact colour of that bit of tulle. Don't you have a ring that is a similar blue as well?"


  1. superman blue lipstick would have sealed this look off so perfectly!!! happy australia day, and cheers to one of the most interesting newsreaders around.

  2. Hey Pigtails, yes indeedy the outfit would have looked out of this world with blue lippy. haven't really seen chinny be too experimental with her lippy yet. maybe she'll slowly edge into it :D
    unconventional lipstick would certainly ignite a response!



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