Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where's The Velvety Royal Purple?!

Image from SBS

ChinnyPea says:
"Dear Lee Lin, can you please get SBS to do something about the colour registration on their website?!

The photos that we use on this blog, we grab from the website every weekend. The resolution is not that great but we can live with that. However, the extremely not-true-to-life colours are pissing me off.

Like today, when I watched you on the news on TV, the vest-like bib on your jacket was a royal purple. A great touch to break up the monotony of the black on the rest of the jacket, I thought.

And both the purple and black bits were in a luxe velvety fabric.

When I went to the SBS website to grab a shot, the flat and boring image above is what I got!!!!! Colour and texture gone! Poof! Into thin air.

So please get the techies to sort it out? Until I can afford some expensive equipment to shoot you properly off the TV screen. Thank you. xx"

ChinnyEm says:

Hey Chinster, sorry but I wasn't at home today to observe your outfit. Yes, I deserve a slap on the wrists.

From the bad colours in this screen shot, I'd say this outfit is very boring. Actually, black is boring, period.

Oh but I do wish I could have seen the glorious bits of purple on TV!"

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