Sunday, November 29, 2009

We Interrupt The News To Bring You Some...News!

ChinnyPea says:
"Look, Lee Lin! Our little worship-blog is in the news now too!!!!! Just like you!

You cannot imagine the glee and of course the shrill squeals when I woke up this morning to see the tiny mention on the What's-Hot-And-What's-Not Style Barometer in The Sun Herald's "S" supplement - we are on our way up!!!! Just one down from Heidi Klum at the top! And hotter (thus cooler!) than Davendra Banhart! Whooopeeeeeedoo!

And last night, as I was updating the blog, I noticed that we have two followers (Hello, Kris and Tom!). And that got me excited enough to email ChinnyEm immediately! So you can imagine the thrill of being featured on the national paper today! (Thank you, "S" Team!) Albeit not as big-time as you.

Wonder how they (Kris, Tom and the "S" Team) found us - I mean, we are so tiny that we'd be happy to get like five hits per day compared to those thousand-hits-daily fashion blogs. Is it you?! You using your clout to send traffic over to us?! You do know that we exist (just to love you and your style!) now, don't you? Please say you do! xxx"

ChinnyEm says:


That was my reaction upon reading ChinnyPea's email, notifying me of this feature in the hot or not section.

Can't believe word of our tiny fangirl blog got out to the S team! Amazing! Thank you! May the entire world (or the rest of Australia) finally realise the sartorial brilliance of Chinny!

Thank you thank you thank you to our followers too. Feel free to share your thoughts on our Chinny commentary. We wanna know what you think of her outfits too! Let us squeal (virtually) together!
Okay, here is the oscar speech:

'To Chinny, we would be nowhere without you. Really. To you and your wardrobe, we are eternally grateful-"

Hehe, kidding. Chinny, you already know how much we adore you!

I'm off to continue squealing and flapping my arms about."

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