Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chinster The Curator!

ChinnyPea says:
"You know, Lee Lin, ChinnyEm and I often wonder when SBS will repeat the Fashionista series that you used to host.

My hairdresser and I talk about it a lot too (he's another huge fan of yours - he loves how your hair greys so beautifully and hopes that when I get to your age, my hair will do the same too, for his styling pleasure).

And today, I read in the papers that you are the curator of a travelling exhibition of photographs highlighting Australian fashion trends of the 60s and 70s!

They couldn't have picked a better person to do it! Now, will the exhibits be travelling to Sydney. Or have I totally missed it?!"

ChinnyEm says:
"OH my gosh when Fashionista was first screened, I was pretty much oblivious to the superfantastic-ness that is SBS. Dear SBS, please do a re run!

On a side note Chinny, I just found out you are a massive Vivienne Westwood fan and wrote a long letter to her (most likely a fan girl letter?!). HI-5 to that! Hi-5, you big Vivienne Westwood fangirl! I also think Dame Viv is the shizz.

Anyhoo, I really do hope this exhibition comes to both Sydney AND Melbourne. I'm sure ChinnyPea and myself would literally hyperventilate at the chance to view it!"

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