Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Add Tulle

ChinnyPea says:
"I swear I saw another bit of tulle action on Thursday evening - you reading the evening news in this.

A rare occurrence, I thought, Lee Lin on-air midweek. Woo! When I went to the SBS website to do a screen grab the next day, I couldn't find you there! Please tell me that I didn't dream it! The boyfriend saw you too!

Or maybe I did dream it. Kind of like a fashion-clairvoyant moment because I knew you're going to add that little bit of black tulle to update the jacket that we love so much?"

ChinnyEm says: "It's horrid missing out on so much Chinny! I would have gladly given up my ticket to LMFF Runway 5 for a bulletin of yours. This jacket you have on hear is twisting with my mind. Is it a dangly clip on leather kerchief or a hidden panel in your jacket that can be zipped up and unzipped?"

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