Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Special Feature - A Reader's Tribute To Lee Lin!

Image from KazztheSpazz

ChinnyPea says:
"When ChinnyEm and I started this worship-blog, one of the things that we wanted to incorporate, besides the weekly dissection of Lee Lin's outfits, was a regular feature of pieces that we think Lee Lin would love. Or those that we would love to see on Lee Lin. Things that we come across in magazines...online...in shops...in our own wardrobes...but life, work, our other blogs and various side-projects somehow got in the way. And we call ourselves devoted fans. Pffftt. Haha.

Now Kazz, one of our readers and also a huge Lee Lin fan, has beaten us to it. With a margin so wide that I don't even dare dream of matching up. Crafty Kazz has gone made herself a jacket (see image above) inspired by those that Lee Lin wears! One that I'm sure Lee Lin wouldn't mind adding to her wardrobe. I wouldn't complain if Kazz offers to make me one too.

Thank you, Kazz! For giving me permission to re-post images of your amazing work here. I hope you'll constantly supply us with Lee Lin-inspired pieces for this blog seeing how ChinnyEm and I are such lazy sods.

Other readers with Lee Lin-inspired gems to share, whether it's something that you've made or bought, or pieces that you've seen around that you think is "so Lee Lin!", we would love for you to send them over. We still don't know if Lee Lin reads this blog but wouldn't it be grand to see her in something that you've picked out for her?!

Patiently waiting for your mail at chinnypea@gmail.com."

*I don't know if ChinnyEm follows Kazz's blog but if she does, I'm sure she'll be squealing with as much excitement as I did when I first saw the jacket. We'll find out when she gets back.


  1. You girls are great, thankyou for linking me, love it.
    I'm really missing Designer People but we have you girls
    to keep us up to date with with Lee Lin Chins' fabulous
    always fashionable wardrobe, I hope more Chinnystyle
    readers come forth with inspiring designs for you both.

  2. You're welcome, Kazz!

    We were hoping you'll be a regular contributor with more of your designs! xx


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