Sunday, December 27, 2009


Image from SBS

ChinnyPea says:

A new piece! In green! My favourite colour. Which you have been wearing quite a bit of lately. Yay!!!!

I love the cocoon-like structure. And the life-jacket collar! And the slinky fabric. Everything about it is just so "you", Lee Lin! More, please, more!

ChinnyEm will be fuming when she checks in on this blog because she's missing it all. Wahahahahaha!"

ChinnyEm says: "Why did you wait till after I left to pull out all the big guns huh? I want an explantion! This totally reminds me of Comme Des Garcons' Lumps and Bumps and a little of Hussein Chalayan's SS/10 and even Seema Pun's (whose little jackets and vests I think you should totally check out!) lumpy scarf made of polystyrene balls and stockings. Yeah just one of your jackets can send me in quite a frenzy. What more can I say? LOVE."

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