Sunday, January 31, 2010

Body Armour!

ChinnyPea says:

"Major squealing session today!

From when I saw you in the opening wide shot - Oooh! Mustard! Colour! *squeal*

Then I noticed those curvy lines down one side of the jacket which I assumed to be some sort of print or sewn-on embellishment. *squeal*

When they cut to a tighter shot, I realised that I was wrong! It's actually a strap-on tan leather(?) contraption! A half-body armour! A holster! Woo! *squeal squeal squeal*

Oh, Lee Lin, I love it when you surprise us like that! *squeal*"

ChinnyEm says:

"Holy mackerel Chinny!
I'll get the lame holster pun outta the way-'Bang bang, you shot me down bang bang I hit the ground bang bang'- oh how your sartorial eloquence shoots me down! This is like Colonel Sanders meets The Fifth Element. GARGH just another reason (on top of the ever increasing pile) why I'd like to find out what motivates/influences you to dress the way you do. I am going to print this picture out and stick it next to my mirror when I get dressed. It's not often I print inspiration pictures but this is too good."


  1. Why hello there! I just have to say that I was putting together a post about Lee Lin Chin and my big girl crush I have on her and discovered your blog, I squealed with delight knowing that I'm not the only one who watches what she's wearing every Sunday. Great blog and I'm sure Lee Lin Chin reads it, it's great! Thanks for sharing, LOVE IT!
    here's my link that links to you :)

  2. "Why hello there!" back at you, Kazz!
    It's always super-exciting to hear from another Lee Lin fan!
    Thank you for popping by and saying "hello"!
    And the link!
    You have a great blog too and we'll be back there for more.
    xx ChinnyPea


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