Thursday, December 24, 2009


Image from Designer People Episode 4 on SBS

ChinnyPea says:
"That's right! PHWOAR, Lee Lin! And on quite a few counts too!

1. Those shiny green patent slip-ons on your feet! Perfectly Pantone-matched to the green of the Holden Commodore! Not crazy about the car. Or that colour on a car. But mad mad mad about those shoes! Everything about them!

2. Those legs! This is the first time that I've seen the shape of you legs. In trousers. And pretty tight-fitting ones at that. I think SBS should do away with the news desk every weekend when you read the news. WE WANT TO SEE MORE LEGS!!!!!

3. That outfit! Simple and clean but hot! Remind me of early Helmut Lang silhouettes.

ChinnyEm must be knocking herself now, if she's reading this, for being away. Wahahahahahahaha! (If you're reading Emmster, you can view the complete episode on Max Wolff here.)

Yes, Lee Lin, your other biggest fan is holiday-ing in Asia. It's just me holding the fort for a month. I hope you'll be debut-ing a lot more cool cool clothes while she's away. Tee hee hee."

ChinnyEm says: Hello everyone! I'm back home and back to soaking up all the Chinny that I misssed!
HAHA! Yes I do want to see more leg as well! And you know I mean that in the least pervy way possible.
To tell you the truth, I absolutely HATE this car. With a passion. Your shoes, on the other hand, I do not. Because unlike this car, they are not tacky, obnoxious (well maybe a little) or "I'm so macho and strong, look at me!".

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