Saturday, April 3, 2010

You Trendster, You!

ChinnyPea says:
"Every style blogger is going on about how they are loving the greys and the nudes this season. I don't know what the big deal is because these are the colours that I've been wearing for the last two Aussie Winters.

But very happy to see that you're endorsing the combo with our favourite grey jacket and a new never-seen-before frilly nude-y top!

Another look that the bloggers have been going on about is the Texas Tuxedo, also known in some circles as the Canadian Tuxedo - denim on denim. I know denim might be a little casual to wear behind the news desk but I'd love to see your take. Tee hee hee. Some soft ruffles in chambray perhaps?"

ChinnyEm says: "I was re-watching a Korean drama the other day- "Goong (Princess Hours)". The drama is about the Korean Royal Family fulfilling an ancestors promise for the prince to marry this commoner, fight for love etc ensues. Anyway, the Prince, who is normally dressed in a smart blazer and shirt, was wearing a denim blazer with a shirt. It was really weird...and wrong. I don't think anyone has succeeded in making denim look professional just yet. But I am definitely up for seeing your take on this denim debate."

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