Saturday, April 10, 2010

Eight Months Later...

ChinnyPea says:

"Oh, Lee Lin, this is the exact same jacket you wore in our first ever post on this blog! Can't believe we've been at it for so long.
Loved how you played up the burnt orange on the jacket with a bright tangerine top under then. And today, shifting your attention to the black on the pattern with this delicate see-through tank top. Playing with the sheer trend! Yay!"

ChinnyEm says: "I can't believe I didn't realise this was the first outfit of yours we ever covered on the blog! My memory is terrible! I think this is one of your daredevil type newsreader outfits; a rather figure hugging, zip down boatneck jacket with a peakaboo neckline and sheer blouse underneath! Well, daredevil it may be but you're still as classy as ever. "

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