Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ye Olde Chinster

ChinnyPea says:
"This is the sort of "look" that I remember you wearing a lot of in 2004 when first fell in love with you and your wardrobe. Loads of collars and ruffly things. But it was a long time ago...maybe you didn't and my memory sucks.

Anyway, you know I love it when you wear grey. It's the hair, man!

And, oh, I've finally noticed the green bangle the ChinnyEm mentioned a few posts ago. It is jade, isn't it? My grandma insists I wear one too - for luck and good health. Haha."

ChinnyEm says:
"I feel a pattern emerging. Every second week you do the 'OMG MAKE CHINNYEM HYPERVENTILATE outfits' and the weeks in between are repeat outfits? Bits of sheer are my favourite- plus this jacket is gorrrrrrrrrrrgeous! It looks so familiar...who is it by?"

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