Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stark White-On-White

Image from SBS
ChinnyPea says:
"Broderie Anglaise! Woohoo! One of my favourite things to wear in the Summer! And in white! My favourite "non-colour" colour.

I like it because it always look so fresh and crispy. It can be a bit girly sometimes but I usually wear it with things with harder edge.

Loving how you're wearing the fabric here - a softer pussy-bow blouse with a structure jacket over. And both with embroidered cut-outs! You're giving me loads of ideas..."

ChinnyEm says:

"To go from velvety smooth black to angelic white is quite a shift! Gotta say I am loving the unpredictability! Makes the weekends just that leetle bit more suspenseful. I think every girl has some broderie anglaise in their wardrobe but I doubt anyone has thought up this white on white combo. My love goes out to you for making the twee/girly fabric structured and exude the "I mean business" look."

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