Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Optical Illusion Ruffles Lump Things"

ChinnyPea says:
"That's what ChinnyEm texted me when the news (and you!) came on this evening. Haha! I think she meant the bustiere-like details on your boobs. We'll let her elaborate further below.

You know I don't like black but white polka-dots on black is so classic-y (ChinnyEm and I were wondering if it is a Comme des Garcons number) that I can't fault you for wearing black again, albeit a new-to-us piece. And I do love dotty things!"

ChinnyEm says: "From afar this is probably a boring shirt but as soon as you shifted in your seat a little I saw the brilliance of it! I was seriously playing tricks with my eyes and I was trying to figure out just what it on your chest. At first I thought they were protruding ruffles but ChinnyPea is right, it's a bustier. You know the best thing about this top? It confuses me (that's such a Comme thing...this is Comme right?). Which means I LOVE IT! And if I scroll the page up and down quickly, it looks as if the dots are blinking. Hehehehe."


  1. This is the best blog in the history of the universe.

  2. Hello k-mack,
    Not sure if it's "the best blog in the history of the universe" but thank you for reading us!

    Hey Junnie,
    And you're back too! For more! Yay! x


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